04 Jul 2017


I haven't kept good notes on previous talks so this list is far from exhaustive. Here are the few links I managed to dig up, and hopefully I'll remember to add future talks and videos here too.



Conferences / Meetups

  • SoCalNode.js - 6th October 2011 - a talk on Async in Los Angeles
  • Bristol Web Folk - 1st May 2012 - (sadly no longer running and meetup.com doesn't provide archived pages) - this was not a talk, but we had a great Q&A session on Node.js
  • LXJS - Lisbon, Portugal - 1st October 2013 - a talk with Alex on Hoodie
  • Great British Node Conf - London - 8th October 2013 - where I was roped into a last-minute Hoodie presentation ;)
  • QCon San Francisco - 11th November 2013 - a talk on how application platforms like Hoodie could help promote self-hosted applications to the enterprise
  • QCon London - 3rd–7th March 2014 - a talk on Offline First: applying the ideas of mobile-first design to offline functionality
  • FFConf - Brighton - 7th November 2014 - "Moving seamlessly through offline and online" - a live-coding demo of creating an offline-enabled web app
  • Sheffield JS - OK, this is the meetup I've organised since 29th August 2013 - but I've done some talks here too (often one-off topics) - e.g. Firefox developer tools, asynchronous programming and callbacks, recursion, imitating jQuery's API, ES6 features - and running several workshops like NodeSchool and writing collaborative text adventures.