24 Aug 2018


This page lists my subscribed RSS feeds. You may have to navigate to the website URL from the RSS feed yourself. To keep this document up to date, my feed reader loads it as config.

RSS Feeds

Subscribed   elfeed

Links under this heading are automatically loaded into my feed reader using elfeed-org. In general, I avoid feeds that post more than 2-3 times in a day.

Unix   unix

Security   security

Programming   programming

  • Scheme   scheme
  • JavaScript   js
    • The Little Calculist

      Blog of Dave Herman, Director of Strategy at Mozilla Research. ASM.js, Node, Rust, Servo etc.

    • cyberhoboing with dominic tarr

      Blog of Dominic Tarr, author of many interesting Node modules. P2P, Cryptography, Streams, functional programming etc.

  • Rust
  • General
    • 250bpm

      Blog of Martin Sústrik, creator of ZeroMQ, nanomsg, libmill and ribosome.

    • Lambda the Ultimate

      Programming languages blog.

    • Programming in the 21st Century

      A blog on programming in general.

    • fuzzy notepad

      Python, games development, other random things.

    • Erik Bernhardsson

      Some interesting data analysis and general programming posts.

    • research!rsc

      Thoughts and links about computer programming, by Russ Cox. Plan 9, Go, and some interesting low-level stuff. Irregular updates.

    • The Clean Code Blog

      Blog by Robert C. Martin (a.k.a 'Uncle Bob'). Development practices, TDD, OO, FP, Java.

    • Aphyr

      Blog of Kyle Kingsbury, a computer safety researcher, added here because of the Jepsen work on distributed systems correctness, which tests databases, queues and consensus systems to explore their failure modes.

Making   making

Emacs   emacs

Video games   videogames

  • Digitiser 2000

    "Mr. Biffo"'s online revival of the Digitiser games magazine, originally broadcast on Teletext. If you don't remember 90's UK TV technology then that description will be meaningless but it's a fun read anyway.

Space   space

  • NASA's Mars Exploration Program

    Latest news from NASA's Mars missions.

  • Selenian Boondocks

    Space blog, particularly on new space companies and lunar colonisation, by Jonathan Goff, Ken Murphy, John Hare, and Kirk Sorensen.

  • Planetary Society Blog

    "The Planetary Society sponsors projects that will seed innovative space technologies, nurtures creative young minds, and is a vital advocate for our future in space."

  • Deep Space Ecology

    News feed for Deep Space Ecology, a company working on closed ecological systems.

  • SpaceX News

    News updates from SpaceX.

Politics   politics

I'm more interested in comment and analysis than the latest news - that I get elsewhere.

Digital rights   digitalrights

  • Technollama

    "TechnoLlama covers several Cyberlaw topics, with emphasis on open licensing, digital rights, software protection, virtual worlds, and llamas."

  • Open Rights Group

    UK campaigning organisation for digital rights, privacy and free speech.

  • Paul Bernal's Blog

    "Privacy, Human Rights, Law, The Internet, Politics and more"

Funny   funny