04 Jul 2017

Caolan McMahon

About this site

Welcome to my home on the web. Here, I link to my open-source projects, share config files and bookmarks, and post thoughts and announcements on my blog.

These pages are generated using org-mode for GNU Emacs, a plain-text system for keeping notes, planning projects and authoring documents like this. If you're curious to see org-mode in action I recommend Rainer König's OrgMode tutorial videos.

About me

My name is Caolan McMahon and I live in Sheffield, UK where I work as a freelance software developer. I write mostly JavaScript, Scheme, Python and C and I like to release my work as open source software.

I'm perhaps most widely known for creating the Async module for Node, but I've worked on many other projects too. I also help teams with Node development and I consult on offline-enabled and decentralised systems, which has included projects from the far north of Canada to rural Africa.

I'm an organiser of Sheffield JS, a monthly JavaScript event where we host talks, workshops and social events. You can see an upcoming list of our events on Open Tech Calendar. Occasionally, I give talks at other events too. In the past this has included QCon San Francisco, QCon London, Full Frontal, LXJS and others, as well as speaking at various meetups around the world.

Me at Sheffield JS, Union St. Co-working Space
Figure 1: Me at Sheffield JS, Union St. Co-working Space